Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Petals Cupcake in Pure White

Cake Name : Petals Cupcakes in Pure White
Type : Fondant
Size : L
Min Order : 20 pieces


nurul said...

Interesting Cupcakes. Suitable for hantaran jugak... Could u plz gv me the pricing

tootsie said...

huhuhu..this is my hantaran cuppies..i recognized the silver tray!! woohoo!!

mmg cantek but i didnt get a chance to ask my in-laws if its sedap or not..hehe :)

elly, the vanilla cuppies that u gave me, tak sempat rasa jugak laa :(

siti zahriah

Anonymous said...

comelnyeee..bley bwat hantaran. plz email me the pricing. thank you. =}

karen said...

hi there..interested on this cupcake.can i get the pricing for this?say,if i order around 80-100, can i get discount? wanna give as my treats for my engagement's announcement.thx

this is my email


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