Sunday, March 2, 2008

Simple White but Demure

Check out this Classy White Wedding Cake
Its perfect for your Hantaran if you are looking for something Simple yet Demure
Cake Name: Classy White
Flavour : Fruits Cake
Weight : 1kg++


Azlina Abdul said...

WOW! This cake is so beautiful!!!! I love it! Mesti sayang nak potong kan? kan?? Just too beautiful!!! :)

sidaratul said...

hai.. bape harga kek ini? saya nak tempah..
utk sekilo.. actually nk buat time potong kek..

sidaratul said...

tlg bg saya quotation ye, sy nk cpt.. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Can i have quotation for this email TQ

leeya said...

can i have a quotation 4 this one pls..TQ do email me at


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