Baking Class

We offer group/ small / personal baking classes.

We provide informal baking classes. So far, our pastry chef; Puan Mars were several called by the Ministry of Woman, Family and Community Development. Conducting group of average 50 governent servants with baking classes covery the basic, decorating and pastry modules.

All our group classes includes with the kit & recepies. Due to limited of space, we only conduct this by demand and at the Organizer's venue. Call for more info.

Our small classes consists of min 3 till 5 people. We normally provide the baking kit and modules are determined by Sugar&Paste. However if you (and friends) have any particular baking subject that already in our syllabus, do let us know. We shall qoute the prices!

All classes conducted at our premis, Kiara View at Sri Hartamas.

Subject time availability, we also conduct personal baking class. Modules subject to as per demand by student. Email for qoutation.

All classes conducted at our premis, Kiara View at Sri Harmatas.

Note: We provide condusive venue baking classes at our home. Meals and prayers room provided. If you are coming with children, space available for waiting.

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