Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miss Gediks Cuppies

Something extra ordinary..
Special Cuppies for Special Girl Birthday Party

Name : Miss Gediks
Flavour: ButterCreame
Type : Fondant
Min Order:16 pieces
*Note: Size, EXTRA Large


sue said...

salam....hai,juz surf ur blog n it's very nice n sweet deco from ur blog.btw,plz quo me ur gedik cuppies for 50 pcs(htran)n 3 tiers dancing pink for cutting cake.ur cakes ni tahan tak lau bwk ke johor?plz reply me a s a p at

Anonymous said...

ske sgt dgn yg dis one..ingt nk bg utk mak kt sarawak tp for sure kek ni kte xleh nk pos kn..? :D
1 box ade 16? so brape price tu..?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

i would like to order mini size cup cakes 1 box.. For my friend's birthday..

With some simple girlish design (in purple & pink color) & written happy birthday with her name.. Flavor choc & vanilla mix in a box..

Can you please quota me the price

and do you have delivery services ?

my email address:

Its urgent..

Thank you..


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